The Queensland Redistribution Commission is responsible for administering the review of Queensland's electoral districts, with the purpose of ensuring that the number of electors in each district remains within the acceptable range (quota). 

Redistributions ensure that each persons vote carries the same value and are conducted at a state level in Queensland approximately every eight years. 

Due to legislative changes, the 2017 redistribution was responsible for increasing the number of electoral districts from 89 to 93. 

The 2017 Queensland Redistribution Commission:

  • Judge Hugh Botting, retired District Court Judge and the Chairperson for the redistribution;
  • Ms Liza Carroll, Director-General, Department of Housing and Public Works; and
  • Mr Walter van der Merwe, the Electoral Commissioner of Queensland.

Queensland Redistribution Commission

From left to right: Ms Liza Carroll, Judge Hugh Botting and Mr Walter van der Merwe.