What is a Submission?

A submission is an opportunity for you to make a contribution to the electoral boundaries review. 

Submissions that are clear, well supported and touch on some or all of the factors considered by the Queensland Redistribution Commission are preferred.

There are four stages of public consultation throughout the redistribution and at each stage you will have the opportunity to express your view about Queensland's state electoral boundaries. Any scenarios put forward should demonstrate consideration of electoral enrolment statistics to ensure they are able to be considered by the Commission. It is also desirable to include community of interest or other arguments that enhance your proposal and demonstrate public support or benefits. 

If you are building on someone else's submission, or opposing a particular idea, it is still important that your comment demonstrates consideration for the enrolment statistics and other relevant factors. Ideally, it is recommended that you provide the Commissioners with alternative boundaries and your reasoning for your suggested change. 

Criteria considered by the Commission:

  • Electoral enrolment: each district must have a similar number of electors to ensure each person's vote carries the same value;
  • demographic trends: longevity of boundaries to account for population growth/losses;
  • community of interest: economic, social, regional or other interests;
  • communication and travel;
  • the physical features of each proposed district
  • existing boundaries of state districts; and
  • existing boundaries of local government areas.

District Names

Submissions can also include recommendations to change the names of existing electoral districts or propose names for newly created electorates. The summary of district names (PDF, 279.1 KB) gives a useful history of the names of past and present electorates.